Mineral and Coal Processing that focus on all aspects related to the physical and chemical processing of both primary and secondary raw materials including process technology, raw materials characterization, beneficiation, utilization such as mineral and coal to energy and coal to chemical substances, and general topics such as process economics and, policy for sustainability development.

Mineral and Coal Mining that focus on all aspects related to good mining practice, reserve conservation, geophysics exploration, unconventional mining e.g. underground coal gasification (UCG), geotechnics, hydrogeology and general topics such as mine economic, and mine policy for sustainability development.

Environmental Management that focus on all aspects related to the environmental management of mining activities, reclamation, waste management, remediation, acid mine drainage, carbon capture from the coal power plant, clean technology, mineral and coal waste utilization and severalgeneral topics such as economic, environmental policies for sustainability development.

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The will-be invited speakers include those who come from industrial practitioners and professional organizations. Industrial practitioners comprise:

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