International Seminar On Mineral and Coal Technology


The International Seminar on Mineral and Coal Technology ( ISMCT) will be held for the first time in June 2021, in Bandung - a historical and academic centre in Indonesia. It is organized by the Research and Development Centre for Mineral and Coal Technology or known as Puslitbang tekMIRA, the Research and Development Agency of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, and professional organizations. The seminar will cover many topics including current issues in the mining world such as unconventional mining for underground coal gasi‑cation (UCG), post-mining management, downstreaming the mineral and coal technology, benefiting the mineral and coal processing wastes toward a zero waste condition as well as mineral and coal policies. 

The ISMCT will unite practitioners, researchers, academics, regulators and civil society to discuss sustainable development in the mining and minerals and coal industry, and how the latest technology innovation in mining and minerals processing contribute towards environmental sustainability. The seminar provides an interesting opportunity to meet and collaborate in the field of geoscience, mining, metallurgy, and environment.

The seminar also allows delegates to discuss some issues addressed by recognized global experts who concern with latest development in such the fields. It will feature world-renowned keynote speakers from practitioners, researchers and regulators. The ISMCT will also provide an exceptional value for each individual participant through its fascinating plenary speeches.



Discussing the progress of a new working paradigm for responsible development towards continuity maintenance for the supply and demand of mineral and coal by keep guarding the environment as well as sharing the experience and knowledge to overcome fundamental challenges of establishing and maintaining a sustainable circular economy. It is expected that the seminar will unite the Geoscience, Mining and Material Processing disciplines to collaborate in line with the emerging paradigms of environmental responsibility and sustainable development. 


The specific goals of the seminar include:

  • sharing the experience and knowledge with the science community without knowledge and understanding repetition in a certain field;
  • finding progress and discussion on the new innovation of recent develoment in the mineral, coal, mining, and environment technologies;
  • promoting interaction and research collaborations among scientists, researchers, and industries in the topics of mineral and coal technologies.



Mineral and Coal Processing that focus on all aspects related to the physical and chemical processing of both primary and secondary raw materials including process technology, raw materials characterization, beneficiation, utilization such as mineral and coal to energy and coal to chemical substances, and general topics such as process economics and, policy for sustainability development.

Mineral and Coal Mining that focus on all aspects related to good mining practice, reserve conservation, geophysics exploration, unconventional mining e.g. underground coal gasification (UCG), geotechnics, hydrogeology and general topics such as mine economic, and mine policy for sustainability development.

Environmental Management that focus on all aspects related to the environmental management of mining activities, reclamation, waste management, remediation, acid mine drainage, carbon capture from the coal power plant, clean technology, mineral and coal waste utilization and severalgeneral topics such as economic, environmental policies for sustainability development.