The number of seminar participants are expected around 100 people that include those from the academics, practitioners, professionals, and government personnel as the decision makers from around the world in oral and poster session


Letter Of Acceptance and Payment Request will be sent to participants email

NO EDAS ID Title First author Institution Scope Room Code STATUS
1 1570725505 Selection of Coal Blending for Coal Fired Power Plant Fuel with Calculation of Slagging Fouling Prediction and Coal Procurement Cost Hariana Hariana BPPT Coal B.01-Hariana Hariana Accepted For Presentation
2 1570725509 Combustion Characteristics of Low-Rank Coal and Medium Rank Coal in Indonesia Using the TGA-DSC Method Hariana Hariana BPPT Coal B.02-Hariana Hariana Accepted For Presentation
3 1570729406 Comparative Study the Characteristics of Paper Mill Reject to Coal and Biomass as Fuel Through Slagging Factors and Greenhouse Emissions Yusup Setiawan CPP Coal B.03-Yusup Setiawan Accepted For Presentation
4 1570727657 Impact of Coal Pile Leachate on Soil Geochemistry. Case Study of PT. Bukit Asam Tbk. Tarahan Port Unit and Its Surroundings Bilal Al Farishi ITERA coal B.04-Bilal Al Farishi Accepted For Presentation
5 1570727664 The Effect of Coal Stockpile on Shallow Groundwater Aquifer: Study Case Tarahan Mochamad Iqbal ITERA coal B.05-Mochamad Iqbal Accepted For Presentation
6 1570729659 Preparation of Carbon Anode Sheet Precursor Using Raw Air Laya-Bukit Asam Coal and Its Application for Battery/Supercapacitor Anggoro Mursito LIPI Coal B.06-Anggoro Mursito Accepted For Presentation
7 1570712431 Study of Making Coal Water Slurry with Lignite Pendopo Coal Mujammil Rahmanta PT PLN Coal B.07-Mujammil Rahmanta Accepted For Presentation
8 1570712939 Belt Scale Analysis for Detecting Measurement Errors Dheka Bakti Krisnamurti Winarno PT PLN Coal B.08-Dheka Bakti Krisnamurti Winarno Accepted For Presentation
9 1570727660 Performance and Boiler Efficiency Using Low-Grade Coal on 400 MWe Coal-Fired Power Plant Eko Supriyanto PT PLN coal B.09-Eko Supriyanto Accepted For Presentation
10 1570729657 The Performance of Pacitan Power Plant (Pulverized Boiler) Against the Use of Lower Grade Coal: An Experimental Rasgianti PT PLN Coal B.10-Rasgianti Accepted For Presentation
11 1570711394 Prospect of Coal-Based Methanol Market in Indonesia Triswan Suseno tekMIRA Coal B.11-Triswan Suseno Accepted For Presentation
12 1570724398 Study on Chemical Characteristics and Tendencies of Ash Deposition of Coal and Biomass Blends in a Boiler Co-Firing System at Coal Fired Power Plant Datin Umar tekMIRA Coal B.12-Datin Umar Accepted For Presentation
13 1570727495 Study on Coal to Methanol of Arutmin Coal Suganal tekMIRA Coal B.13-Suganal Accepted For Presentation
14 1570729027 Materials Characterization Approach for Development of Distillation Process for Production of Anode-Grade Coal Tar Pitch Phiciato Phiciato tekMIRA Coal B.14-Phiciato Phiciato Accepted For Presentation
15 1570729369 Ash, Trace Element and Sulfur Content of Coal Seam D, Muara Enim Formation, Central Palembang Sub Basin, South Sumatera Basin Asep Bahtiar Purnama tekMIRA Coal B.15-Asep Bahtiar Purnama Accepted For Presentation
16 1570729473 Effect of Temperature and Moisture Content of Low Rank Coal to Slow Pyrolysis Process Slamet Handoko tekMIRA Coal B.16-Slamet Handoko Accepted For Presentation
17 1570729516 Advantages of UCG Implementation in Indonesia Miftahul Huda tekMIRA Coal B.17-Miftahul Huda Accepted For Presentation
18 1570729469 Analysis of Maceral and Mineral Composition as the Basis of Determining the Quality of Coal Muara Enim Formation, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia Amelia Monita Unisba Coal B.18-Amelia Monita Accepted For Presentation
19 1570727828 1-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Unsaturated Water Flow and Oxygen Diffusion in Overburden Material Column Using Hydrus 1-D Jarwinda ITERA Environment D.01-Jarwinda Accepted For Presentation
20 1570724902 Characterization of Potential Mercury Contaminationin the ASGM Area of Mandailing Natal, North Sumatera Hasniati Astika tekMIRA Environment D.02-Hasniati Astika Accepted For Presentation
21 1570725943 Thiosulfate - an Environmental Friendly Reagent Used for Processing the Gold Ores from North Minahasa Tatang Wahyudi tekMIRA Environment D.03-Tatang Wahyudi Accepted For Presentation
22 1570729303 Cultivation and Utilization of the Bio-Organo Mineral as A Soil Conditioner for the Hard Crops Budhy Supriyanto tekMIRA Environment D.04-Budhy Supriyanto Accepted For Presentation
23 1570729694 Characterization of Amalgamation Tailings from ASGM in Sekotong Area, West Nusa Tenggara, and Its Potential Added Value Agus Wahyudi tekMIRA Environment D.05-Agus Wahyudi Accepted For Presentation
24 1570720520 Mitigation in Erosion Control and Management of Ex-Mining Water Through Land Revegetation and Sustainable Environmental Management Technologies Erly Istiqomah Trisakti Environment D.06-Erly Istiqomah Accepted For Presentation
25 1570728337 The Adsorption of Fe (II) and Mn (II) in Acid Mine Drainage Using Various Granular Sizes of Activated Carbon and Temperatures Suliestyah Suliestyah Trisakti Environment D.07-Suliestyah Suliestyah Accepted For Presentation
26 1570728884 Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage Using Coal Activated Carbon on a Laboratory Scale Based on Weight and Contact Time Variation Suliestyah Suliestyah Trisakti Environment D.08-Suliestyah Suliestyah Accepted For Presentation
27 1570729493 The Potency of Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium in Indonesian Fly Ash and Bottom Ash (FABA): "Case Study from KNW-1 and KNW-2 Coal-Fired Power Plant, Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi" Dea Anisa Ayu Besari UGM Environment D.09-Dea Anisa Ayu Besari Accepted For Presentation
28 1570729665 Removal of Mercury Ion from Wastewater Using Natural Zeolite: Effect of Humic Acid Laras Prasakti UGM Environment D.10-Laras Prasakti Accepted For Presentation
29 1570729670 Wastewater Treatment from Recycling Process of LFP Batteries Using Activated Carbon Adsorption Laras Prasakti UGM Environment D.11-Laras Prasakti Accepted For Presentation
30 1570725461 Evaluation of Coating Performance on Carbon Steel A 36 in Copper Concentrate Environment Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Ahmad Fauzi UI Environment D.12-Ahmad Fauzi Accepted For Presentation
31 1570729242 Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of ZrSiO4/Fe2O3 Adsorbent for Methylene Blue Removal in Aqueous Solutions Trisna Yuliana UNJANI environment D.13-Trisna Yuliana Accepted For Presentation
32 1570729330 Activity of Ceratophyllum Demersum as a Phytoremediation Agent in Coal Mining Waste Management Valentina Kusumaningtyas UNJANI Environment D.14-Valentina Kusumaningtyas Accepted For Presentation
33 1570729341 Study on Utilization of Tephrosia Vogelii in Post-Mining Land Reclamation Valentina Kusumaningtyas UNJANI Environment D.15-Valentina Kusumaningtyas Accepted For Presentation
34 1570729536 Synthesis of TiO2-NiFe2O4 Nanocomposite Using Coprecipitation Method as Photocatalyst for Methylene Blue Removal in Aqueous Solution Senadi Budiman UNJANI environment D.16-Senadi Budiman Accepted For Presentation
35 1570713590 A Sustainable Development Strategy for Mining Industries in Citatah Karst Area in Bandung Basin Nendi Rohaendi Unpad Environment D.17-Nendi Rohaendi Accepted For Presentation
36 1570719513 Growth Performance of Centrocema Pubescens Grown in Mercury-Contaminated Tailing Inoculated by Beneficial Bacteria: Preliminary Study Reginawanti Hindersah Unpad Environment D.18-Reginawanti Hindersah Accepted For Presentation
37 1570732174 Potency of Cassia Siamea as Phytostabilization in Post-Mining Land Reclamation Valentina Kusumaningtyas UNJANI Environment D.19-Valentina Kusumaningtyas Accepted For Presentation
38 1570732104 Modification of Cu2+ in Crude Polyphenol Oxidase Extract from Purple Eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.): A Study of Phenol Biodegradation in Coal Wastewater Treatment Anceu Murniati UNJANI Environment D.20-Anceu Murniati Accepted For Presentation
39 1570729570 Influence of Alkaline Pretreatment on the Acid Dissolution of Cathode Metals of Spent 18650 Lithium Battery Dessy Amalia Australia Mineral A.01-Dessy Amalia Accepted For Presentation
40 1570729847 The Initial Study on the Preparation of Al2O3-Na2SO4 Composites Derived from Local Kaolin Through an Alkaline Destruction Method Combined with Sulphatization Eneng Maryani BBK Mineral A.02-Eneng Maryani Accepted For Presentation
41 1570727526 Astomulyo Meteorite: Investigation of Its Chemical Properties Danni Harbowo ITERA Mineral A.03-Danni Harbowo Accepted For Presentation
42 1570729872 Characterization of Gold Ore from Babakan Loa District and Leaching Study in Cyanide Solution La Ode Arham ITERA Mineral A.04-La Ode Arham Accepted For Presentation
43 1570729253 REE Sequential Extraction of Weathered Crusts of Granitoids from Sibolga, Indonesia Iwan Setiawan LIPI Mineral A.05-Iwan Setiawan Accepted For Presentation
44 1570720764 Thermal Analysis of Indonesian Copper Sulphide Imelda Hutabarat PEP Mineral A.06-Imelda Hutabarat Accepted For Presentation
45 1570729014 Thermodynamic Simulation (Factsage) of Lanthanum Oxide Reduction into Metallic Lanthanum Sultan Muharam PEP Mineral A.07-Sultan Muharam Accepted For Presentation
46 1570729136 Thermodynamic Simulation of Cerium Oxide Reduction into Metallic Cerium by Metallothermic Process Nabila Putri Wisnu Pratami Poltek Energi dan Pertambangan Mineral A.08-Nabila Putri Wisnu Pratami Accepted For Presentation
47 1570717879 METSIM Simulation in Developing the Ideal Furnace Condition in Expanded Perlite Production with Capacity of 20 Tons/Day Hasudungan Eric Mamby tekMIRA Mineral A.09-Hasudungan Eric Mamby Accepted For Presentation
48 1570720621 Extraction of Tin (Sn) from Primary Tin Ore Using Wet Chlorination Isyatun Rodliyah tekMIRA Mineral A.10-Isyatun Rodliyah Accepted For Presentation
49 1570720625 Beneficiation of Cassiterite from Primary Tin Ores Using Gravity and Magnetic Separation Isyatun Rodliyah tekMIRA Mineral A.11-Isyatun Rodliyah Accepted For Presentation
50 1570725934 Characterization of Perlite and Expanded Perlite from West Sumatera, Indonesia Didit Adi Darmawan tekMIRA Mineral A.12-Didit Adi Darmawan Accepted For Presentation
51 1570728506 Making of Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC) from Aluminum Hydrate in Pilot Plant Scale with Capacity of 500 Kg/Batch as Water Treatment Chemical Agent Hasudungan Eric Mamby tekMIRA Mineral A.13-Hasudungan Eric Mamby Accepted For Presentation
52 1570729180 Analysis of Recovery from Separation of Iron Sand Using Magnetic Separator Intan Permatasari Trisakti Mineral A.14-Intan Permatasari Accepted For Presentation
53 1570729635 Critical Raw Materials Enrichment in Bauxite Laterite: A Case Study from Diverse Parent Rock Types Rosmalia Nugraheni Trisakti Mineral A.15-Rosmalia Nugraheni Accepted For Presentation
54 1570719730 Nickel Recovery from Precipitate of NCA Lithium Ion Battery Leach Liquor Using Disodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetate Alif Ulfatun Nur Izzati UGM Mineral A.16-Alif Ulfatun Nur Izzati Accepted For Presentation
55 1570719731 Effect of Operating Condition on Lithium Recovery from Synthetic Geothermal Brine Using Electrodialysis Method Vincent Sujoto UGM Mineral A.17-Vincent Sujoto Accepted For Presentation
56 1570720492 Recovery of Co-Mo from Spent Catalyst Using Hydrochloric Acid Daning Kinanti Sutama UGM Mineral A.18-Daning Kinanti Sutama Accepted For Presentation
57 1570720511 Lithium Titanium Oxide Synthesis by Solid-State Reaction for Lithium Adsorption from Artificial Brine Source I Wayan Tangkas UGM Mineral A.19-I Wayan Tangkas Accepted For Presentation
58 1570720526 Recovery of Cobalt and Molybdenum from Spent Catalyst Using Citric Acid Muhammad Erwin Cahyo Nugroho UGM Mineral A.20-Muhammad Erwin Cahyo Nugroho Accepted For Presentation
59 1570728291 New Physical and Chemical Properties of Chitosan-Samarium Composite: Synthesis and Characterization Wuwuh Prihandini UI Mineral A.21-Wuwuh Prihandini Accepted For Presentation
60 1570729594 Cyclic Voltammetry Analysis of Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES) Solution Copper (Cu) in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Waste Ebeng Sugondo UI Mineral A.22-Ebeng Sugondo Accepted For Presentation
61 1570729225 Synthesis of Al(OH)3 Nanoparticles from Bauxite Local Mineral and Tomato Waste Extract as Chelating Agent for Nanofluids Applications Arie Hardian UNJANI Mineral A.23-Arie Hardian Accepted For Presentation
62 1570729232 Preparation of Cu-Mn Codoped NiFe2O4 Based Thick Ceramic Film from Jarosite Minerals as NTC Thermistors Arie Hardian UNJANI Mineral A.24-Arie Hardian Accepted For Presentation
63 1570729233 Heat Transfer Nanofluid Made of Al2O3-ZrO2 Nanocomposite Arie Hardian UNJANI Mineral A.25-Arie Hardian Accepted For Presentation
64 1570729544 The Effect of Additional Acid Type Used on Butylditophosphate (DBDTP) So That May Improve Selectivity of Terbium Separation from Gadolinum and Samarium by Solution Extraction Senadi Budiman UNJANI Mineral A.26-Senadi Budiman Accepted For Presentation
65 1570729585 Separation of Gadolinium(III) from Terbium(III) by the Liquid-Liquid Extraction Method with Dibutyldithiophosphate as the Extractant: Selection and Optimization of Extraction Parameters Using the Experimental Design of Plackett Burman Senadi Budiman UNJANI Mineral A.27-Senadi Budiman Accepted For Presentation
66 1570729674 The Effect of Matching Time on the Separation of Gd(III) from Sm(III) by Solution Extraction Using Dibutyldthiophosphate Extractant (DBDTP) Using the Experiment Design of Plackett Burman Senadi Budiman UNJANI Mineral A.28-Senadi Budiman Accepted For Presentation
67 1570732181 The Synthesis of Mg-Al-Ni Alloy by Using the Mechanical Alloying Method for Hydrogen Storage Energy Djoko Prajitno BATAN Mineral A.29-Djoko Prajitno Accepted For Presentation
68 1570732128 Synthesis Zirconium from Zirconia by Arc Plasma Sintering Method at High Temperature Djoko Prajitno BATAN  Mineral A.30-Djoko Prajitno Accepted For Presentation
69 1570727533 Batusatam Physical and Chemical Properties Review: A Billitonite Tektite in Eastern Belitung Island, Indonesia Danni Harbowo ITERA mining C.01-Danni Harbowo Accepted For Presentation
70 1570727538 Multiple Source Rare Earth Element Enrichment in Manamas Volcanic Rock, Timor Island Angga Widiatama ITERA Mining C.02-Angga Widiatama Accepted For Presentation
71 1570727541 Characteristics of Polymetallic Enrichment on Oceanic Red Bed in Matano Formation, Baturubei, Central Sulawesi Angga Widiatama ITERA Mining C.03-Angga Widiatama Accepted For Presentation
72 1570727816 Identification of Zeolite in Lampung Formation Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Method: A Case Study Campang Tiga, South Lampung Regency Alhada Farduwin ITERA Mining C.04-Alhada Farduwin Accepted For Presentation
73 1570727827 Enhanced Processing of Magnetic Data for Delineating Lithological Boundary and Geological Structure of the Epithermal Gold Mineralization Control System: A Case Study of the Cibaliung Area, Indonesia Wahyu Junian ITERA Mining C.05-Wahyu Junian Accepted For Presentation
74 1570728056 Hydrology Model Establishment of Pit Lake: Extreme Event Rainfall Data Analysis Muhammad Akbari Danasla ITERA Mining C.06-Muhammad Akbari Danasla Accepted For Presentation
75 1570729127 Mining Disposal Erosion Evaluation: A Case Study Yuniar Siska Novianti Lambung Mangkurat Mining C.07-Yuniar Siska Novianti Accepted For Presentation
76 1570729671 Planning of Drainage System at Beruang Block in PT. Perkasa Inakakerta, East Kutai Regency, Province of East Borneo Mesias Dewi PEP Mining C.08-Mesias Dewi Accepted For Presentation
77 1570730929 Reduction of Blasting Result with Line Drilling and Buffer Holes Methods Dhion Pradatama PT Multi Nitrotama Kimia Mining C.09-Dhion Pradatama Accepted For Presentation
78 1570731000 Lowest Range Density Optimization of Emulsion Explosive in Coal Mining Blasting Activities Panangian Manullang PT Multi Nitrotama Kimia Mining C.10-Panangian Manullang Accepted For Presentation
79 1570719402 Preliminary Modeling for Module Estimation on the UCG Project, PT. Kideco Jaya Agung Zulfahmi tekMIRA Mining C.11-Zulfahmi Accepted For Presentation
80 1570729427 Geotechnical Structure Interpretation from HIRAT at Mamput Block, Kapuas Regency-Center of Borneo Zulfahmi tekMIRA Mining C.12-Zulfahmi Accepted For Presentation
81 1570729518 The Effect of Rock Permeability Value on Groundwater Influx in Underground Coal GasificationCTOR (CASE STUDY: MACANG SAKTI VILLAGE, SOUTH SUMATERA Nendaryono Madiutomo tekMIRA Mining C.13-Nendaryono Madiutomo Accepted For Presentation
82 1570731397 Slope Stability and Bearing Capacity Analysis of Disposal in Open Pit Coal Mining Bagaraja Sirait tekMIRA Mining C.14-Bagaraja Sirait Accepted For Presentation
83 1570731403 Assessing Slope Failures in Coal Mining Using Kinematic Analysis Bagaraja Sirait tekMIRA Mining C.15-Bagaraja Sirait Accepted For Presentation
84 1570720489 Fitting the Variogram Model Using the Root Mean Square Error on the Calculation of Nickel Laterite Resources Irfan Marwanza Trisakti Mining C.16-Irfan Marwanza Accepted For Presentation
85 1570728657 The Impacts of Increasing the Airflow Rate on the Heat Spread of Load-Haul-Dump Machines at the Work Front of an Underground Mine Daffa Kaiyandra Trisakti Mining C.17-Daffa Kaiyandra Accepted For Presentation
86 1570729477 Effects of Hydrothermal Alteration Type on Rock Mass Strength in Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi Fernando Wongkar Trisakti Mining C.18-Fernando Wongkar Accepted For Presentation
87 1570729609 Technical Analysis of Shovel Working Time Towards Interburden Production Achievement in Open Pit Coal Mine Vivi Wulandari Trisakti Mining C.19-Vivi Wulandari Accepted For Presentation
88 1570714193 Factors That Cause Contamination on the Results of Laterite Nickel Drilling (Case Study at PT. Bintang Delapan Mineral) Fadli Fadli UPN Veteran Mining C.20-Fadli Fadli Accepted For Presentation
89 1570727691 Legalization of Illegal Small-Scale Mining, a Policy in the Form of Business Guarantee and Base for Environmental Management Sri Sugiarti tekMIRA policy E.01-Sri Sugiarti Accepted For Presentation
90 1570729554 Implementation of Coal Downstream Policy in Trend of Fossil Energy Transition Cecep Mochamad Yasin tekMIRA policy E.02-Cecep Mochamad Yasin Accepted For Presentation
91 1570727817 Preliminary Studies on the Abundance of Element in the Hulusimpang Formation, Waykalianda, Pesawaran, Lampung Tezar Julian ITERA technoeconomy E.03-Tezar Julian Accepted For Presentation
92 1570729965 Andesite Prospect at West Sungkai of North Lampung: How It is Distributed Based on Electrical Resistivity Tomography Mustika Mustika ITERA technoeconomy E.04-Mustika Mustika Accepted For Presentation
93 1570729503 Techno-Economy Analysis Study of Coal Gasification Plant into Various Strategic Chemicals Rizky Tetrisyanda ITS technoeconomy E.05-Rizky Tetrisyanda Accepted For Presentation
94 1570729599 Mining Sector in the Economic Structure of Kalimantan Selatan Province: Direct and Indirect Impacts Karina Putri Lambung Mangkurat technoeconomy E.06-Karina Putri Accepted For Presentation
95 1570724270 The Role of Iron and Nickel Smelters on the Indonesia's Steel Industry Desi Cahyaningtyas tekMIRA technoeconomy E.07-Desi Cahyaningtyas Accepted For Presentation
96 1570729247 Added Value Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Battery Industry in Indonesia Ijang Suherman tekMIRA technoeconomy E.08-Ijang Suherman Accepted For Presentation
97 1570729511 Techno-Economic Analysis of Producing Low Heating Value UCG Gas in Indonesia Miftahul Huda tekMIRA technoeconomy E.09-Miftahul Huda Accepted For Presentation
98 1570729535 Business Analysis of Implementation of UCG Technology in Indonesia Gandhi Kurnia Hudaya tekMIRA technoeconomy E.10-Gandhi Kurnia Hudaya Accepted For Presentation
99 1570729643 Expanded Perlite Commercialization Technoeconomic Analysis in Indonesia Ijang Suherman tekMIRA technoeconomy E.12-Ijang Suherman Accepted For Presentation
100 1570721786 Dilemmatic Discourse in Sustainability: Social Economic Feasibility of Community's Gold Mining Activity at Kertajaya Village, Sukabumi Regency Indonesia Fajar Prabawa UI technoeconomy E.13-Fajar Prabawa Accepted For Presentation